You Are Not Alone

January 28, 2010

One of the reasons I started this blog was to let the many families I have met, who are somewhat isolated and feel alone in their efforts to care for a loved one with developmental disabilities, know that they are not alone. The very nature of developmental disabilities can set an entire family apart from the mainstream of society. You are less likely to make friends at the neighborhood soccer match on Saturday morning. You cannot usually hire the teenager down the street to babysit while you participate in community events or go to the gym. And, it’s just plain difficult to hear how someone’s cheerleader daughter just made the high honor roll while you’re struggling to toilet train a teenager or are running to therapies instead of ballet class.

So five months ago I figured out how to “do” a blog and started writing about caring for Lauren. I have some gizmo on the blog that tells me what country, state, or city people who visit the blog are in. I have been astounded at how far the blog has reached out, and I thought that you needed to know how “not alone” you actually are. The blog has had visitors from eleven countries – U.S., Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, New Zealand, and Turkey. In the U.S. there have been visitors from fifteen states and in Australia from three of their six states.

I find it amazing that my twice-a-week posts have traveled so far around this planet. People are reaching out all over the world to find others who share their fears and frustrations, their successes and failures, their hopes and their dreams. The knowledge that you are all out there traveling this journey with me is very inspiring, comforting, and humbling.

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