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March 23, 2010

A quick update on two subjects:

Day Programming 2010 – New Jersey – The State of New Jersey has announced that they have restored day programming options for the June 2010 graduates. The announcement on their site reads:

Clarification of Day Services Policy for Individuals Currently Seeking Services - March 2010
There is no change from past practice concerning the process by which DDD-eligible individuals who are now in need of day services may request and receive them.

This is very good news for the many families that were so upset about the prospect of their child, who is aging out of special education services, not having anywhere to go or anything to do when June rolls around. Day programming has been made a line item in the just announced Governor’s budget proposal. This should help a great deal toward resolving the question that arises at this time every year – Will funding be available for day programming this year? Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

The Sandwich Generation - Well, I’m on my way to Florida today. The injured DSP has recuperated enough to come back to work and just in case she’s being optimistic, Lauren’s other two DSP’s have offered to fill in where needed. It’s always a challenge to figure out hours within your budgeted amounts when you have to shuffle people around to fill in an emergency or temporary schedule change. But, it’s doable if you are creative, flexible, and have a calculator. I don’t know what challenges await me in the Sunshine State – I hope at least there really is sunshine.

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