The Self-Hire Process - One Example

May 20, 2010

Every self hire we have done thus far has been a little different. Many factors enter into the process – time of year, worker pool, shift, individual hired, interaction with support coordination and fiscal intermediary, as well as what is generally happening in our lives. The last time we had to search for someone to fill this evening position, it took two and a half months from the beginning of the search to the hire date. This time it took less than two weeks. I thought I would share a short history of the entire process from placing the ad to having a trained caregiver in the position.

Place ad in newspaper (New Jersey Herald – serves Sussex County primarily)  Ad runs April 2nd and 4th, 2010.

Interviews are scheduled with three applicants to take place between April 3rd and April 7th. (Only one showed for their interview)

Applicants continue to call until April 11 but none are appropriate so no further interviews are scheduled. Luckily, all you need is the right “one”. Position is offered to L on April 13.

All paperwork required by Fiscal Intermediary is completed on April 14.

Self-hire calls for appointment for drug testing and fingerprinting.
      Drug Testing – two day wait
      Fingerprinting – two week wait (April 29) Sparta location is only open two days a week. Alternative location would have been a one hour, twenty minute drive for self-hire. When L went to appointment, staff were sitting around talking and no one else was in the testing center.

We then must wait to hear from Fiscal Intermediary for a date when self-hire can begin work. Waited until May 5 and emailed FI contact, automatic reply told me she was on vacation for a week. Self-hire had called FI contact, left message, and call was not returned. I contacted someone else at FI to find out that L was cleared to start. I reached L on May 6 (Thursday) and arranged for May 10 (Monday) start date.

Training began on May 10. It is a slow process dependent on the background and experience of the self-hire, Lauren’s cooperation, and my ability to teach and guide the new caregiver through the many details and skills necessary to care for Lauren. I expect that L will be able to work independently with Lauren by June 14.
Days from hire to start – 28

Days from start of process to self-hire start date - 39

Days from start of process until the self-hire training is completed to the point that self-hire can work independently - 74

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