Incontinence Products and Medicaid

Anyone over the age of three who is on Medicaid is eligible to receive incontinence products if prescribed by a doctor. I’ve been putting off going this route for Lauren for years. Primarily because for most of those years the “pull-up” style brief that she wears was not available. Now, they are. So, I’m finally getting my act together to access diapers through Medicaid rather than Shop-Rite. At seventy-five cents a diaper, plus a liner (which I order through Amazon since no one else seems to carry them anymore), plus chux, it adds a lot.

As I discussed in my last post., the first step was to get a prescription. I faxed the pertinent data – type of diaper, size, quantity – to the doctor’s office with all other necessary information and waited for the prescription. Two weeks....nothing. Called them to check on the problem – they said never received the fax. Faxed it again, prescriptions arrived two days later. Then I took the prescriptions to a durable medical supplier (DME). Now, they have to verify insurance and will get back to me with her eligibility or will get back to the doctor to request more info. They could not show me the type of diaper Lauren will be getting. If it is plastic covered, we can’t use it. The clerk kept saying, “Ask them when they call.” “Tell them what you want.” “They’ll know the answer to that.” Till I stopped her to ask, “Who is they?”

“Oh, that would be our parent company.”

“OK, and where are they?”

“A couple of blocks up the road.”

“So, shouldn’t I be talking directly to them instead of you?”

“Oh, we’re thinking about merging. We’re probably going to be moving to a larger place.”

Is this not already more trouble and confusion than it’s worth? Time will tell. I leave my phone number and go buy diapers in Shop-Rite. I think it could be quite awhile till we see diapers arriving via the DME.

And, if you read my last post you too know that Medicaid now requires a new prescription and a new request every six months. Isn’t this going to be fun?

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