Substitute Caregiver Needed - Part Two

August 3, 2010

About an hour after I posted my last post I received the first reply from the ad for the substitute caregiver. And, an hour after that, I received another one. So I guess the ad directing people to the website wasn’t as bad an idea as I was beginning to think. By the end of the week the website had about thirty-six hits and I’ve received six inquiries about the position. Of the six, I asked four to come in for an interview. Unfortunately, the one that looked the most promising to me called and canceled after falling off her deck and injuring herself the day before. One interview was a definite no, another was a very nice woman with no real experience, and I still have to do the fourth interview. One mistake that I made on the website was in not being more specific about what I meant by “a minimum of two years experience with developmental disabilities and caregiving”. I thought that was pretty specific, but people are just picking up on the “caregiving” part, not the rest. So, if they’ve taken care of their grandfather with Alzheimer’s or are have “Mom” skills, they consider that experience with caregiving. I would definitely phrase it differently next time. more interview to go. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know if we have success.

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