Substitute Caregiver Needed - Plan B

August 12, 2010

I have moved on to Plan B for finding a substitute caregiver. The newspaper ad and successive interviews resulted in no one to hire. So, today I decided to try something new. A staffing company has recently moved into our area. I met with the owner this morning and discussed our needs. He believes that his company can work with us to meet our substitute caregiver requirements.

Lauren will require that the same one or two caregivers be provided each time. It would be too difficult on her, and on the caregiver if a different caregiver came each time one was needed. The caregiver must be familiar not only with Lauren’s needs but must also be trained in fulfilling those needs. Most of the substituting will be planned, in other words, we will know ahead of time that someone will be needed. Therefore, it should be easier on the company to provide the same one or two people, than it would be in a last-minute substitution.

My greatest initial concern with taking this approach lies in whether the company’s rates will coincide with the rate for their services available through Real Life Choices, Lauren’s funding source. The company will have to become a Qualified Provider under Real Life Choices and their reimbursement will come through the fiscal intermediary. I have put them in touch with the people who will be able to figure that out. I hope the financial piece doesn’t put an end to this idea. If it does....I don’t have a Plan C.

Of course, I also have to be concerned with the company itself. They have only been in business for eight months. There are pros and cons to that. They are inexperienced, but that may also mean that they will be more open minded and flexible in developing a solution that fits both our needs. I would say I could check references, but I’ve never found that to be all that reliable. Who would give you a reference that wouldn’t be favorable?

So, now we must wait and see if this is going to work out. For now, the weekend caregiver is off again this weekend and another caregiver is on vacation for three days next week. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the remaining caregiver has been out sick for three days this week. It is very apparent that filling this substitute position is critical in enabling Lauren to one day become independent. Without this piece – that will never happen.

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