A New Hire, Thank Goodness!

September 30, 2010

In my last post I told you about having to terminate one of Lauren’s caregivers. That left us without a second shift caregiver. I thought, “Here we go again!” Searching for and training caregivers is probably my most dreaded part of self-direction. The advertising, screening, interviewing, and leap-of-faith final selection is very stressful. Then there’s the training. Since most of Lauren’s caregivers come to us with little or no experience, the training can be a lengthy, draining process.

However, I have good news! Remember the substitute caregiver that I just hired? Well, I offered her the position and she has accepted. And, she has been working in the field for some time now and is already trained. So, I only have to train her on specifically caring for Lauren and not start from scratch with Caregiving 101.  Thanks goodness!

Of course, this leaves me, once again, searching for a substitute caregiver. But, while Lauren is still home with us, I can deal with not having a substitute. When Lauren is out on her own, having a substitute will be a critical part of her staffing. Fortunately, I have until next spring to make sure that particular piece of the puzzle is in place.

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