Diaper/Hospital Bed Update

November 9, 2010

Lauren finally received her first order of diapers and booster inserts last week. And.....they ordered liners (like a Poise pad) not inserts. I called the supplier and told them about the mistake which they promptly blamed on the prescription, and then realized that they had made the mistake. One week and another phone call inquiry from me later – we have no further updates and no inserts. When I called yesterday to inquire about the status of the order I was told that they were waiting for approval from Medicaid. When I reminded them that they already had the approval all I got was a “Oh, yeah. I’ll have to call you back.”  Did they?  No.

The hospital bed was delivered over a week ago. Using Lauren’s existing twin mattress on it seemed to work fine. The problem was that when the back was raised the distance between the bedrail and the mattress was a good twelve inches – not a safe situation. We need a split rail not a single rail. I called the supplier the same day and told them that the single rail would not be safe and we definitely needed the split rail. Since the initial order, they have seemed to have a very hard time grasping Lauren’s needs. They keep talking about my concern that she will “escape”. She’s not going to try to escape; she’s going to roll out of the bed. Once again I was told I’d receive a call back. We’ve had to work around this hospital bed that’s been sitting unused in her room for over a week now. I’m not going to attempt to transition her into a new bed until I’m sure that it’s going to be functional for her. When I called them yesterday I told them to either get back to me or come pick up the bed. Have I heard from them? No.

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