Goodbye to the Hospital Bed

November 16, 2010

I promise, this is the last of this saga. The hospital bed is no longer in Lauren’s room. Why? I gave up. After two weeks and three phone calls trying to find out the status of the bed rails that the supplier was supposed to be getting us, I called and said, "Come pick up the bed”. Suddenly, the gentleman who was supposed to have called me was - saints be praised - available! He proceeded to tell me that he had to order the split rail…. but they really don’t make a split rail for a “homecare” bed. Ok, which is it? How can you order something that you can’t get?? He said that he’s really never tried to supply a bed to someone who was small enough to roll out from under a standard bed rail. I said, “What do you supply for pediatric patients.” A crib. “You’d supply a crib for a twelve year old?” No answer. Well, Lauren used a split rail bed when she was in pediatrics in the hospital in June. When I told him that he said, “That must have been a specially made bed.” Oh, give me a break! I’m sure hospitals are having custom beds made all the time, don’t you?

About this time I realized that I was fighting a losing battle. This guy (you’ll notice that I’m no longer calling him “gentleman”) had no idea what he was doing. And worse yet, he really didn’t care. They picked up the bed later that day. Now, I’m exploring wedges and other options that will enable us to provide Lauren with position adjustments when needed.

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