Thanksgiving 2010

November 25, 2010

All this week I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write for today – Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving and New Year’s are probably the only holidays throughout the year that call not only for celebration, but for reflection (OK, I guess you could include your birthday, but technically, and more so as you get older, it’s not a holiday). I went back and read what I had written last year. I found that much had stayed the same and, one thing had changed significantly. I am sure that if someone had told me that on Thanksgiving 2010 I would be six months from Lauren moving in to her own home, I would not have believed them. It could not be possible!

Too often I forget that life is as full of possibilities as improbabilities. Naysayers and pessimists bombard us daily, about seemingly every facet of our lives, until we feel that we are drowning in doom. Yet, who could have predicted even ten years ago, that we would be reading books from plastic screens, that reality shows would prove that real life truly is stranger than fiction, or that airport screenings would become so invasive that someone would need to invent special underwear to protect personal privacy (a fig leaf design for men, a clasped hands design for women). Who knew?

So today I will give thanks for many of the same wonderful things as last year, but I will be most thankful that Lauren will be settling into her own home in the coming year, with devoted caregivers, in a community to which she is already connected. I am amazed that a tiny seed of an idea blossomed so quickly and beautifully into the answer to Lauren’s need for a home of her own. The worry, the despair, about Lauren’s future, has so colored my days for so long that I am astounded at how much my own life and outlook is changing now. And, I have learned a valuable lesson about staying open to the possibilities, rather than letting improbability enclose my reality.

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