Looking for the Magic

December 16, 2010

The other day my husband was watching a football game and lamenting his lack of Christmas spirit. I replied from my cocoon of gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon, “Now how can Christmas not be a magical time of year for you? I do all of the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, Christmas carding, and decorating. Then...POOF! You have Christmas – just like magic, right?

Aren’t we all seeking that bit of....something, that turns this birthday celebration into the most special time of the year? Too often by the time Christmas Day arrives I’m just glad it’s almost over. The weeks leading up to the big day are filled with more of the “have to do’s” than the “want to do’s.” What if we weren’t pushed into the holiday by what we feel is expected of us? What if the cards don’t arrive by Christmas, or, better yet, what if we didn’t send them at all? What if we didn’t bake umpteen dozens of seven different kinds of cookies? A heresy, for sure! (My particular downfall) And, what if we just didn’t find, didn’t make, the time to find that trendy new electronic miracle that Joey just has to have. Would we be loved any less? Would we love ourselves any more?

It’s hard to find the peace of mind during this hectic time of year to pinpoint just what would make this season a blessed, renewing, warmth-filled highlight of our year. On my way to the mall yesterday (to finish up the last of my shopping), I was thinking about how differently Lauren experiences this time of year than most people do. She is not guilted into doing anything – anything at all. She covets no particular item. She doesn’t eat cookies. Instead, Christmas brings her the delight of twinkling lights, merry music to listen to, and a cozy blanket of laughter and conversation amongst people who love her, as they celebrate the season. Now, doesn’t that sound magical?

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