An Unexpected Trip - Part 2

January 18, 2011

Anxious to get back home for many reasons, I had hoped to be able to book a return flight from Florida last Tuesday morning. My parents were due to return to the doctor for a follow up appointment on Wednesday, and I discussed with them, on Sunday evening, the various things I thought it was important for them to ask or discuss with the doctor. Then I lay awake that night coming to terms with the fact that they really needed me to go to the doctor with them. They tend to defer to a doctor’s expertise and not ask questions that they are not sure they want to hear the answer to. Unfortunately, if I stay, it would mean that I would need to stay an extra two days because a major storm was supposed to hit NJ late Tuesday into Wednesday. By Monday morning I had convinced myself that I had no choice but to stay. I won’t be able to go home until Thursday.

Lauren had a dentist appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning to fix a chipped tooth and a neurologist appointment later that afternoon for her regular six-month follow up. I don’t believe that Lauren has ever gone a doctor or dentist appointment without me, in her life, except for a pediatrician appointment once when she was little. Now N would have to take her to the dentist and then N and George would have to take Lauren to the neurologist with my various notes and charts (I know, obsessive and excessive). Just to make it all a little more interesting, Lauren’s most recent blood work prompted the doctor to adjust her medication last Friday. The pharmacy was out of the particular dosage of pill we needed so George had to pick it up on Monday and begin the new dosage on Tuesday. I don’t know how she’ll react to the change.

Monday afternoon my father’s phone rings and he hands it to me saying, “I can’t understand what they’re saying.” It’s the doctor’s office calling to confirm my mother’s appointment….for Tuesday morning, not Wednesday. Mom and Dad had misunderstood the appointment date. I’ve already booked my flight for Thursday. If I had known, I could have tried to get out late on Tuesday I guess, but OK, who wants to mess with a snowstorm right? At this point, I’m just hoping that the storm doesn’t affect the caregiver’s ability to get into work.

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