House Plans

February 15, 2011

The planning for Lauren’s house is stalled. The reason is unexpected, something, maybe the one thing, that I didn’t fear. There could have been problems with funding, finding caregivers, getting accessible housing, weather, or unforeseen health issues. Instead, we are having a problem with the town building department. We can’t get a building permit.

This has been going on for months. I don’t think I’ve written about it before because I have not been dealing with this well. I’m still not. We are not asking to do anything unusual, illegal, or new. We are not violating any codes or causing a safety issue. What we have run up against is the fallout of the current economy, and its affect on struggling towns and their employees. I won’t be more specific because there could be repercussions. We can find no grounds for what they are doing. The meeting with the town, that will determine Lauren’s future, is next week. Can you believe that with all of the issues surrounding a young woman with developmental disabilities being able to begin an independent adult life, that this is what could ruin her chances?

In the meantime, I feel like I’m in a kind of limbo. I’m afraid to continue with the planning for Lauren’s move. I had wanted to spend these cold winter months accumulating things for Lauren’s first home, nailing down caregiver schedules and duties, buying new towels. But, I don’t feel that I can do that. What if everything falls apart? This should have been the easy part. But instead, we are stuck. We are killing time, waiting, dependent on the actions of people who should not even be part of this emotional, exciting time in Lauren’s life. But we can not wait too long. One of the critical pieces of Lauren’s housing budget is obtaining a state rental assistance voucher. We were prepared for that to take awhile, even a couple of years in this economy. But wonder of wonders, she has gotten a voucher already. She needs to start using it by a specific date. The voucher could be in jeopardy if we cannot proceed on our original timeline.

I try not to think about it too much. I complain about the winter from hell that we’re having. I’ve started playing video games. I’m cleaning the basement. I try to have faith. We are doing the right thing. Lauren needs to take this next step in her life. This feels like the right way to do it, the right time to do it. It's just so important for us to get on with the doing of it.

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