The House Arrives

May 25, 2011

Lauren’s new home arrived on Monday. That sounds funny doesn’t it? Like the UPS man dropped it off or maybe the Fedex guy.  It’s a manufactured home, and is delivered, by the manufacturer, in two pieces, completely finished inside and mostly finished outside, down to the drapes hanging on the windows and the shingles on the roof. The home arrives on two chassis or trailers pulled all the way from a small town in Pennsylvania, and it is then backed onto a concrete “pad” where a crew of “setters” will complete its assembly.

Yesterday and today the setters are raising the roof, installing siding on the ends, and buttoning up the “marriage wall” or points inside the house where the two pieces come together. It seems so long ago, even though it was only last fall, that I worked out the design for the home and selected the fixtures, carpeting, and cabinets. It is the first tangible evidence that Lauren will indeed soon have her own home. Prior to this, Lauren’s new home was all about planning, and numbers, and schedules. This is wood, and sheetrock, and faucets. I’m starting to get a bit giddy. The goal I’ve been dreaming about, and working so hard for so long to reach, is becoming a reality. I know there will be hurdles. I try not to think too far into the future, looking for problems, issues, potholes in the road ahead. For right now, we are in a wonderful, positive, age-appropriate place. This time last year a home for Lauren was not even a real dream. It was a goal without structure, permanence, or clear vision.

I’m on my way over to see the inside of the house now for the first time. I’ll take a camera so that I can share more pictures with you. Here are five words I’ve never said before that I’m sharing with you the first time - “I’m going to Lauren’s house today.”

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