Dinner at Lauren's House

June 29, 2011

Lauren ate her first dinner in her new home yesterday. She seems very comfortable there. The home is almost finished, just some outdoor things to do. The inside is done except for a bit of decorating. The house has physically met all of my expectations. I don’t know what Lauren’s expectations are or if she has expectations. For most of her life she has been, pretty much, along for the ride, at the mercy of the whims of the people who care for her. I don’t know if she dreamed of gaining her independence, moving on to an adult life, but she seems to be happy with the opportunity with which we are presenting her.

After dinner, Lauren reclined on her new sofa, a big smile on her face. Her music was on the stereo, TV yet to be installed (Finding my way through the complexities of cable versus Direct TV, and their associated “bundles”, may have been harder than figuring out Lauren’s budget.). The sun streamed in through the windows and it looked as if all was right in her world. I hope it will always be like that.

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