Turning a House into a Home

June 17, 2011

We are getting closer.  Not as quickly as I'd like, but we're making progress toward finishing Lauren's home.  I've spent most of the last two weeks painting.  It's a hateful job, but it does look wonderful.  Shades of ylang ylang, soft petal, harmony, and kangaroo (Where do they get these names?) have warmed the walls and toned down the stark white that they were painted when the home arrived.

The major holdup is the garage which is being built onsite.  For some reason ??? the subcontractor doesn't feel the sense of urgency to GET IT DONE!! that I do.  Its going to take at least two more weeks, if I'm lucky.  In the meantime, I'll continue to get things organized and set up inside.

For the first time yesterday, Lauren saw her new home.  She became very quiet, almost wary when she first entered.  Then she suddenly looked up and started giggling.  After a tour of all of the rooms, she ate lunch at her new snack bar.  I don't know if she connected with the space or it was just a new place to be.  I'm sure when all her things are around her this house will be someplace where she can feel comfortable.  It's up to me turn this house into a home, Lauren's home.

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