Good Things

July 7, 2011

It’s been a busy, emotional last few days. Lauren spent her first night in her new home on Tuesday. It had been flurry of activity getting things organized and moved in. The house is becoming a home and looking quite lovely. There is still much to do, but the necessities are in place. Lauren took all of the furniture from her room at our house, and we gave her a few other pieces that we will no longer need when we downsize (hopefully, soon – real estate gods willing). The cable guy spent several hours on Saturday getting her TVs, internet, and phone set up....and managed to proposition me in the middle of it all (that hasn’t happened in years – of course, the missing teeth rather skewed the whole experience).

I think Lauren truly likes her new home. She is always smiling when she is there. I called the house to check on her Wednesday morning and N reported that five minutes after she went to bed the night before, she sat up and just began laughing. Thankfully, she went to sleep soon after. While I was talking to N, I could hear her laughing in the background.

I have not been laughing. There’s a feeling of, I guess I’d call it, unreality, in going through the days unlimited by my life revolving around Lauren’s daily schedule, her needs, constant decisions about her care. It was so ingrained in my existence that I feel rather ungrounded and disoriented. The house is a bit empty, literally and figuratively. George says it looks like we’ve been robbed with bits and pieces of furniture and Lauren’s things missing from every room. Who knew that I would have a harder time adjusting than Lauren? But, actually that’s a really good thing.

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